The world in scale miniature is one that is an attractive hobby for many adults. We like to recreate anything from ancient battles to scenes from history.

On these pages, you will find an overview of scale modelling in relation to railways and cavalry models.

We will give you tips on the best brands to buy for particular models and which sets are compatible with each other.

You will find tips on assembly and cleaning of the models before painting them. Painting techniques are also discussed, and you will also find information about what type of paint to use for different model kits.

You will find information on how to compose a vignette or diorama, where you will have more than one piece or model to depict a fantasy or historical event. With cavalry models, most people tend to recreate historic charges – successful and unsuccessful – and on these pages, you will find information that will help you compose your model accurately in terms of uniforms, armaments, numbers and more.

On this website, you will find information related to creating terrain, which is important both for cavalry models as well as for train models. This is not limited to trees and bushes but also includes creating an ocean effect, muddy effects, snow effects and much more. This website will be your one-stop shop to learn about the art of hobby modelling. It is a hobby that takes patience, but the rewards get better over time as you slowly improve your skills.